Our Story

An Experience

Clutch Distilling was started to help aid a loved one with a chronic illness. It continues today because of the strength, bravery and unwavering will they showed. Their fight is over now, but their legacy fuels Clutch Distilling.



Meet The Owner

Eric Worrell Jr. is a Houston, Texas native with roots from Barbados. The passion for rum distilling flows in his veins. He is able to use his award-winning rum to fuel his tasting room and in turn, donate to the Lupus Foundation. 

“Fight your good fight, whatever that may be, and when the dust settles, don’t forget to celebrate with friends and family.

A taste of Texas

Clutch Distilling maintains an always-march-forward mentality. In all aspects of your life, reach to “clutch” all opportunities. We believe everyone should have this approach to life. Many historic battles have been won on Texas soil and we intend to add another unique story to make Texas history.

Crafted With Purpose

Not only do we intend to bring you high quality spirits using the best ingredients possible, but we aim to do more. At Clutch Distilling we intend to do as much as we can to help in the fight against Lupus.

Lupus is an unpredictable and misunderstood autoimmune disease. It is difficult to diagnose, hard to live with, and a challenge to treat. We collect donations year around to support the Lupus Foundation of America. We make our donation in May which is Lupus Awareness Month.

To support, you can donate with us or simply purchase any of our Lupus Awareness merchandise online. A portion of these sales will be donated to cause. You can also join us annually at the walk to end Lupus to show your support.