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Why We're Here

Clutch Distilling was started to help aid a loved one with a chronic illness. Clutch continues today because of the strength, bravery and unwavering will our beloved hero showed. The fight is over now for our dear angel, but that legacy fuels Clutch Distilling.

What is Lupus?
Lupus is a chronic (long-term) disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body. It’s an autoimmune disease, which means that your immune system — the body system that usually fights infections — attacks healthy tissue instead (

The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 1.5 million Americans, and at least five million people worldwide, have a form of lupus.
Lupus strikes mostly women of childbearing age. However, men, children, and teenagers develop lupus, too.
Ninety percent (90%) of people living with lupus are women. Most people with lupus develop the disease between the ages of 15-44.

Different forms of lupus:
Systemic lupus accounts for approximately 70 percent of all cases of lupus. In approximately half of these cases, a major organ or tissue in the body, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, or brain will be affected. Cutaneous lupus (affecting only the skin) accounts for approximately 10 percent of all lupus cases. Drug-induced lupus accounts for about 10 percent of all lupus cases and is caused by high doses of certain medications. Neonatal lupus is a rare condition in which the mother’s antibodies affect the fetus (

It is believed that between 10-15 percent of people with lupus will die prematurely due to complications of lupus. However, due to improved diagnosis and disease management, most people with the disease will go on to live a normal life span (


What is the state of lupus awareness?
According to, awareness of the disease lags behind many other illnesses. 63% of Americans surveyed have never heard of lupus or know little or nothing about this disease and its symptoms beyond the name indicating there is significant opportunity and need for continued public education.